Commission Topics

Community Safety
How does sports-based youth work reduce knife crime and youth violence, empower victims and create safer places for young people? How can the youth justice system and neighbourhood sport providers can collaborate to reduce anti-social behaviour and establish sport as one component of out of court settlements?

Holiday Gap
How far can neighbourhood based holiday programmes address the components of the holiday gap: holiday hunger, social isolation and physical inactivity?

Health and Wellbeing
The role of neighbourhood organisations in social prescribing offers is not yet determined. How doother approaches, provide routes into activity for young people to protect and improve their physical and mental health and wellbeing?

How do neighbourhood organisations bridge the gap to ensure community activity offers do not repeat the patterns of provision that lead to differential participation on the basis of gender, ethnicity and disability?

Social Action
How do neighbourhood organisations successfully increase the number of volunteering offers in their areas and so narrow the gaps the opportunity to volunteer between affluent and disadvantaged areas?

How does sport support successful youth volunteer programmes that provide opportunities for personal growth, skill development and community ownership?

Growing Participation
How do neighbourhood organisations narrow the gap in participation rates between affluent and less better off young people? How do they successfully activate young people who may not be naturally sporty?